Loan Officers: Why Work for Waterstone Mortgage?

November 23, 2021
Finding a mortgage company that provides exceptional support for your loan origination business can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, your search ends here.

As a loan originator, you have so much to consider in a potential employer. 

What does their product variety look like? 

Do they have the latest technology solutions? 

Does their leadership team give you the right balance of freedom and support? 

The list goes on and on. That’s why deciding to move to a new lender can take months — if not years — for many loan officers and branch managers.  

At Waterstone Mortgage, we have a culture of transparency. So, if you’re considering making a move, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. 

Here are just a few of our defining characteristics…  

#1: Strong history & a solid reputation  

We have more than two decades in retail mortgage lending (with the ability to lend in 48 states), which makes us a powerful presence in the national mortgage lending industry. As a federally-registered company, we have weathered many challenging times in the industry — and have come out stronger on the other side.  

We are also consistently recognized as a “Top Mortgage Lender” by Scotsman Guide, which is the only verified ranking of its kind and is considered the most prestigious recognition in residential mortgage lending. Our reputation as a knowledgeable and strong lender will give you a significant advantage when building your origination business.  

#2: Retail loans only, with a strong emphasis on purchase business 

By focusing solely on retail loans, our sales, operational, and sales support teams are highly specialized in what we do.  

We also have a strong focus on purchase business, with most of our loans falling into that category. In fact, we close purchase loans several business days faster than the industry average, according to ICE Mortgage Technology Origination Insight Reports. What does that mean for you? Well, as an LO here, you will have the reassurance that your loans are moving along efficiently —  from start to finish.  

Our loan operations and product support teams are also consistently available for our loan originators and branch support staff when challenges arise. Our sales team often praises our underwriters, closers, product experts, and other corporate teams for their effective communication and responsiveness, which ensures that our loans close on schedule.  

#3: Bank-owned, but operate independently  

As a bank-owned organization, we are backed by assets of more than $1.9 billion. Not only is this important for you, as a loan originator, but it is also reassuring for the borrowers and referral partners you work with. 

One advantage of our business model is that we emulate the culture of an independent mortgage banker, but also operate with the security and support of a bank. Our bank ownership also gives us access to a variety of portfolio loan options — which offers yet another path for our customers who are seeking the best mortgage solutions for their needs.  

#4: Savvy technology & marketing solutions 

Not only do we offer innovative technologies to help mortgage loan officers manage their pipelines, but we also develop technology solutions in-house.  

Our hybrid closing and full eClosing with Remote Online Notarization (RON) allows your borrowers to sign most — if not all — of their paperwork virtually, prior to the closing appointment. In select locations, our full eClosing solution lets your clients complete the closing 100% remotely – which can save time and effort for everyone involved in the transaction.  

Our LOs also benefit from our in-house marketing services, which include: 

  • A variety of digital and print materials  

  • Online reputation management and social automation 

  • Access to our CRM, as well as a variety of other marketing systems  

  • Media/press release support, event/conference support, and much more  

#5: Various operational models for our branches 

Allowing our branches the flexibility to develop their own financial and operational structures is important to us. We recognize that each branch has a unique market, specific goals, and their own areas of expertise, and we ensure that they have the freedom they need to set their own business up for success.  

At the same time, we offer our branches the support of a strong corporate team. Our in-house customer service, marketing, accounting, product, information services, and loan operations experts provide services that allow you — the LO — to focus on what you do best: building your origination business.  

#6: Strong leadership team  

We’re known for our forward-thinking leadership team, which has helped us create the best platform for loan originators to succeed. Our leadership model was developed so that input from employees at every level can provide value to our overall mission. Here, the employees have confidence in the leadership team’s decision-making process, and trust in the direction that has been set up for the future of this company. 

When you work here, you never have to worry about falling behind on industry changes or interpreting new regulations. Your leadership team has the vision and knowledge to prepare for those changes before they even happen.  

#7: Peer collaboration and strong company culture 

Every year, we host regular events such as our Branch Manager Conference and Ignite Processor Conference. These opportunities allow our team members to share new strategies for growth and team development, and have a fun time doing so. Also annually, our President's Club members are invited on an all-expenses-paid Top Producers Trip to a luxury destination. This getaway provides the perfect setting for our top sales team members and their guests to relax, have fun, and celebrate their successes.  

Most importantly, we have a strong company culture. Basically, we are a friendly bunch. (And that’s because we have the best of the best working here!) We also place a strong emphasis on diversity and equity at our Home Office and our branches around the country. Our team members describe our work environment as supportive, welcoming, inclusive, positive, and motivating. 

Ready to discover more? 

We have so much more to tell you! Learn more about sales careers at Waterstone Mortgage or contact our Sales Development team for more information.