Introducing our Director of Strategic Growth, Catherine Mauldin

January 04, 2022
Catherine Mauldin joins Waterstone Mortgage to lead our sales team expansion

As we kick off 2022, we’re very excited to welcome Catherine Mauldin to our team! Serving as our new Director of Strategic Growth, she will play a huge role in our plans for this year and beyond.

In this brand-new position, Catherine will lead our nationwide growth strategies – including adding new branches and loan originators around the country. One of her key responsibilities is to find new team members that fit our goals, business model, and family-like culture. (Think of her as a “matchmaker” for Waterstone Mortgage and the talented people who would make great additions to our company.)

Plus, Catherine will play an important role in growing our existing offices and markets. She’ll be our go-to-gal when it comes to helping our branches meet their goals and expand their business.

When it comes to the mortgage industry, Catherine knows her stuff. She has more than 20 years of experience and has worked as a loan originator, processor, wholesale executive, business development associate/recruiter, project manager, and product owner. Most recently, she served as the Sales Program Leader for Embrace Home Loans.

Catherine is enthusiastic about our strong team-based structure at Waterstone Mortgage. “It matters to me that I work in a team environment because life is more fun when you can enjoy the fruits of your work with others,” she says. “Establishing new relationships, nurturing relationships, and inspiring others are the foundation of my success.”

When thinking about making the transition to Waterstone Mortgage, Catherine was most impressed with the ways we support our sales team members.

“I am excited to work with an incredibly talented team at Waterstone Mortgage – from sales to operational support. In fact, that is what captured my attention when I was considering the company,” said Mauldin. “Waterstone is committed to delivering exceptional resources for our loan originators – ensuring that they have the best technology solutions, operational support, and products to support their business goals. I am thrilled to be part of the Waterstone Mortgage story and to share that story with others.”

Not only that, but Catherine is also looking forward to working with our amazing leadership team.

“I appreciate the executive team’s approach to engage and collaborate with people at all levels of the organization,” she says. “It’s invigorating knowing that – with the support of my leadership team – I can help mortgage originators find fulfillment in their work and offer the best options and experience for their customers.”

Based in Maryland, Catherine enjoys spending time with her husband, Dave, and their three children. She also loves rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, cooking, surfing, and watching movies.

Be sure to connect with Catherine on LinkedIn, and join us in welcoming her to Waterstone Mortgage!