The Hybrid eClosing Process: Close Your Mortgage Quicker with eSigning

March 20, 2020

No one wants to spend hours at the closing table. You’re excited to get into your new home, and rightfully so!

We’ve recently introduced a robust virtual mortgage platform that allows homebuyers to preview closing documents in advance and eSign any eligible documents into our suite of technology resources. This platform will help us make the transition to a true hybrid eClosing, which will reduce the time you need to be at the closing table and further our initiatives toward the digital mortgage.

Don't just take our word for it. Casey Jackson, Escrow Officer & Licensed Title Agent at Mason Title & Escrow Company, had this to say about our hybrid eClosing process:

"This process truly sets the tone for a smoother closing appointment, and THAT is what we are all about! It is my sincere hope that hybrid closings continue to become more prevalent in the future, as not only do our buyers come to our office with less anxiety over having less to sign, it also ensures they have the chance to review the majority of their closing documents in advance, thus giving them more confidence at the table."

How Does it Work?

Our platform allows you to preview your closing documents in advance, and even eSign any eligible documents prior to your closing date. This saves you time at the closing table, so you can get your keys and start enjoying your new home.


In fact, the average time spent at the closing table is around 20 minutes with a hybrid eClosing – you’re in and out.

1. Preview Documents

When your loan originator adds your closing documents to our virtual mortgage platform, you will receive an email notification to preview them.

2. Verify Your Identity

Your documents are extremely secure in this platform; two-factor authentication is required to set up your account. After you verify your identity, you’ll set a password and can then access your account.

3. View Your Documents

Once you are in the eSigning portal, you can preview your closing documents and see details about your upcoming closing appointment. You can also eSign any eligible documents – one less thing you have to do at the closing table, saving you, your Realtor, and your loan originator time.


The Digital Mortgage

As mentioned earlier, eSigning is one step closer to the “digital mortgage.” One thing we pride ourselves on here at Waterstone Mortgage is our local expertise and the connections we make with our clients. You can rest assured that when you work with a Waterstone Mortgage loan professional, you’re working with an expert advisor for your home purchase or refinance. After all, this is likely the biggest financial investment of your life – you want to work with a real person you can trust.

The digital mortgage initiative doesn’t take that away. Rather, it’s a term the mortgage industry has coined to describe the application of technology to the loan origination process with two primary goals:

  • Improving the customer’s experience
  • Eliminating friction and inefficiencies in the mortgage organization process

Simply put, it’s our goal to implement technology in the best way to make the mortgage lending process simpler for you, the customer – and all other parties involved, really.

Using this platform helps us accomplish that by providing you a way to review and sign your documents sooner and in an easier way. To get started with a home loan or learn more, contact a local mortgage expert in your area.