How to Close on Time: Top 7 Tips for Realtors

September 18, 2020
Seven tips to ensure a smooth real estate closing for your clients.

Want your buyers to close on time? We do too! As we work together to help our mutual clients achieve their homeownership goals, we have a few tips that will ensure an on-time closing.

1. Get Clients Pre-Approved before House Hunting

Encourage homebuyers to meet with a Waterstone Mortgage loan professional before you help them find a home or write a purchase contract. It will help your clients identify any obstacles to getting approved, such as having too much debt or a low credit score. It will also help you and your client determine their house-hunting price range. Sellers want assurances that the buyer has solid financing before they accept an offer.

A pre-approval from a Waterstone Mortgage professional will provide sellers with the peace of mind they need.

2. Understand Timeframes and Expectations

Understanding realistic timeframes and expectations of the loan process will help ensure a seamless experience for you and your client. You and your clients can use our Close on Time Calendar to familiarize yourself with deadlines, disclosures, timeframes, etc.

3. Provide All Documentation in a Timely Manner

Provide your client’s loan originator with the complete purchase contract, addendums, and revisions. The loan process goes much smoother when all required documents are provided on time.

If all required documents are not provided in a timely manner, it could lead to delays in the appraisal completion and push closing back. (Waterstone Mortgage needs to order the appraisal within 3-5 days of application.)

4. Choose Vendors Wisely

Use vendors you know and trust (home inspectors, contractors, etc.). Our clients are trusting us with one of the biggest investments of their life, so we should recommend vendors that have their best interests in mind too. 

5. Verify Title Company and Gather Information Promptly

Verify that the title company you work with is on our approved vendor list. At Waterstone Mortgage, we are diligent in our review and approval of all vendors. Using an approved title company can help streamline the process and ensure our mutual clients close on time. Your Waterstone Mortgage loan originator can verify who is on our approved vendor list.

Make sure the information required by the title company is provided 10 days prior to closing. We are all in this together!

6. Get Inspections Done Early

Get inspections done as early as possible after the buyer has made an offer on the home (here’s what your client can expect). You know what they say…the early bird closes on time. Okay, maybe they don’t say that exactly – but you get it!

7. Be Prepared for the Closing Appointment

If possible, avoid scheduling a closing on a Friday or the last day of the month. We recommend you schedule closing appointments on Tuesdays. (They are not just for tacos!)

In addition, be sure to minimize any changes, credits, and amendments 5 days before closing. Last minute changes may require re-disclosure and delay the loan process.


To learn more about the loan process and how to make it go smoothly, contact a local home loan expert in your area today. Visit our Agent Resources page for more tips and tricks.