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Richard Hornbeck
Active in the real estate finance industry for most of his professional career, Rick brings decades of experience as an entrepreneur, business consultant, real estate broker, investor, and even as a professor to his role as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist. It is this experience that allows Rick to be an advisor to his 55+ year old clients as he assists them with navigating the often-confusing world of optimizing home equity, portfolio longevity, and retirement cash flow.

Drawing on his comprehensive understanding of real estate finance with his disciplined, analytical approach, Rick often works with his client and their financial advisors. He will first determine whether a reverse mortgage can be an effective strategic option for an individual's or couple's retirement years. If it holds promise, he develops multiple reverse mortgage plans centered on the clients’ unique scenario and goals. He believes there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” reverse mortgage product.

Rick views home equity, built up over a lifetime of careful planning and execution, as more than just a life goal. He sees it as a valuable personal asset to achieve whatever goals one has in retirement, whether to extend the investment portfolio, increase monthly cash flow, ensure no debt is left to heirs, grow the family legacy, purchase the right-size home, or keep up with today's inflation. The reverse mortgage is a financial instrument, and while not perfect for everyone, needs to at least be a consideration in every person's retirement wealth and planning strategy.

Rick has a BS in Finance & Real Estate from Florida State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. And on a more personal basis, Rick has been married for nearly 50 years; he has four grown children and 6 grandchildren. And as an avid, long-distance motorcyclist, you may find Rick on a road near you.