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Cole Holmes, CMPS
Hi and thank you for stopping by - I LOVE to serve! As your mortgage professional with 19+ years experience in the area of purchase, refinancing & cash-out refinancing my team and I are fully equipped, ready & willing to serve ALL your residential home loan needs.

My team and I at Waterstone Mortgage are the premier mortgage lender working with real estate agents, family law attorneys, and financial advisers helping their clients meet their real estate finance needs. Serving homebuyers and homeowners, we are known for excellent customer service, deep knowledge and open & active communication with ALL parties to the transaction helping to ensure everyone gets to the closing table on time with the least amount of stress.

Personally, I am a husband to the most amazing wife in the universe and father of four awesome little people. We spend any and all spare time surfing behind our boat on Lake Grapevine and dreaming of island hopping in the Caribbean.

Washington Consumer Loan Branch Office Licensee #CL-1463063.
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