Julia Fryk Receives the Talend Community Champion Award

May 05, 2022

Julia, our Data Engineer, is recognized for her exceptional leadership and expertise when it comes to utilizing Talend, our BI solution

We’re excited to share that Julia Fryk (Waterstone Mortgage Data Engineer) has received the Talend Community Champion award!

Talend is a data integration company that provides software solutions for data preparation, data quality, data integration, application integration, data management, and big data. (That’s a lot of data!) At Waterstone Mortgage, we use Talend as our Business Intelligence (BI) integration and orchestration tool.

Talend’s Community Champion award highlights professionals that have made exceptional contributions to aiding the advancement of Talend and the community of Talend developers, such as Julia.

In fact, Julia is instrumental when it comes to helping local Wisconsin-based developers use Talend. She co-founded and currently leads the company’s Wisconsin user group, which supports Talend product users in our area. The group meets quarterly, and features guest speakers who share tips and coding expertise for integration, data engineering, and business intelligence development. Julia also served on the Talend product council, sharing her feedback and thoughts on Talend solutions.

We are very lucky to have Julia on our team! In her nearly three years with Waterstone Mortgage, she has accomplished a great deal.

“Julia is an integral part of the BI Team as the data engineer, data architect, and all-around data enthusiast,” says Olga Rosales, Julia’s manager and our Senior Manager of Business Intelligence. “We are a small team but are able to accomplish large tasks because of the knowledge and experience of our members.”

Since joining our team, Julia has identified many helpful solutions that have made our organization stronger.

“Julia goes above and beyond the job description because she is a self-motivated knowledge seeker,” Olga says. “She is often listening to webinars on how other companies are using advanced data strategy or attending a virtual conference to learn about new product offerings. Part of our job as a BI Team is to make sure that we have the best tools. Julia is always researching what is new; she loves to share ideas, solve problems, and play with the data. Her unique talents and experience make her an amazing team member, co-worker, and asset for Waterstone Mortgage. Plus, she is kind and funny.”

So, what does Julia like most about contributing to our Information Services team?

“Our team gets to work very closely with each Waterstone Mortgage department to not only provide insights on processes but to automate daily tasks,” Julia says. “My number one passion in working with data is to eliminate the time people spend searching for or creating a report when the data can immediately provide the answer upon request.”

As a respected and experienced data engineer, Julia shares her expertise with other business intelligence professionals. Julia and Olga recently presented at the AE Business Solutions 9th Annual Business Intelligence and Analytics Symposium. Coming up: Julia will speak alongside our CIO, Tom Knapp, at the Wisconsin Technology Association (WTA) Technology Conference on May 19.