No down payment home mortgage Wealth Building Loan

The No-Down-Payment Wealth Building Loan

March 06, 2023

The Wealth Building Loan was designed to help eligible homebuyers build equity quickly. 

While most people believe that a down payment of 20% or higher is needed for a mortgage, we’ve been doing our best to dispel that myth over the years.

Case in point: our Wealth Building Loan, which requires no down payment. That’s right… NO down payment.

Now, our lawyer needs us to add this next part: our Wealth Building Loan is available for qualified homebuyers for loan amounts up to $1,149,825.

Plus, if you’re eligible for the Wealth Building Loan, you can lower your mortgage payment costs by financing your mortgage insurance premium into your home loan amount – up to 103% loan-to-value.*  

One of the reasons we introduced the Wealth Building Loan is because it helps homebuyers to rapidly increase their equity by putting more money toward principal and less toward interest each month.

Talking with one of our loan originators, who can take an in-depth look at your financial picture, is the best way to discover if the Wealth Building Loan might be a good fit for your situation and preferences. 

*Available for qualified homebuyers for financing up to $1,149,825 with as low as a 700 FICO or financing up to $766,550 with as low as a 680 FICO