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Team Spisak - Joe Spisak Kayla Marien

Things have changed a lot in the mortgage industry over the years. In the past, buying a home may have been as simple as signing an application, showing up to closing, and then you were handed the keys to your new home.

Today, the best way to describe the steps for buying a house is as if you are borrowing money for an important commodity. Mortgage lenders need to ensure you can pay your home loan back and to do this, they verify and document your collateral.

The goal of Team Spisak has always been to make our client's purchase or refinance as smooth and efficient as possible. We strive to keep you informed and to make the entire process easy – every step of the way


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Joe Spisak
Branch Manager
NMLS #197397
Office: 773.255.5989
I am a nationally recognized Mortgage Banker who helps clients obtain a home loan or refinance at great pricing. My goal is to provide the best borrowing experience overall.

My complete focus is and always will be on my customers and their best interests. With 20+ years of experience in the mortgage industry, my team and I tirelessly work to ensure clients fully understand their mortgage options so they get the best loan, at the best price, for their specific financial situation. I also take great pride in simplifying the complicated. To ensure this, I employ a team of experienced mortgage professionals who are trained to identify issues before they become roadblocks, making your homebuying and/or refinancing experience smooth.

We offer a wide array of unique loan products and we’re experts at matching clients with programs that fit their unique circumstances. When it comes to anticipating needs, answering questions, and providing updates on loan status, we’re known for our responsiveness.
Kayla Marien
Production Manager
NMLS #874836
Office: 224.513.6582

With nearly 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry, and as the Production Manager of Team Spisak, Kayla's goal is to continuously exceed clients' expectations. Kayla ensures clients have a smooth and easy experience throughout the mortgage process from beginning to end.

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