Personal branding tips for Realtors

5 Ways to Build your Personal Brand: Tips for Realtors

October 12, 2020

Five easy ways Realtors can develop a brand and boost their real estate business.

Part of building a business in the real estate industry is building your personal brand. Your brand is the person you show to the public—at work, socially, and on social media. You may let your hair down with family and your closest friends, but most of the time, you can serve yourself well by carefully curating your image.

Here are five steps that are integral in creating a personal brand that reflects what you want others to see in you.

1. Create and rehearse a brand that is authentic.

Finding a brand within yourself is not an easy process, but it should be. The values and beliefs that you hold close are those that come naturally when you develop your personal brand. This creation may take time, but by pinning down what you want for yourself and creating a brand based on those wants, you will serve as your own roadmap to gaining success in your brand.

How you look, what you say, and how much confidence you project will determine whether your brand is believable and consistent. This rehearsal will take time, but you must practice all of those things before you present yourself in public.

2. Put yourself on the market.

Constantly looking for new opportunities to showcase your newly branded self will give you the exposure you need to connect with others in your field.

A big part of this is sharing your brand with people who know, like, and respect you. They can become your first-and most loyal-followers and advocates. By having those who you trust begin supporting you and your new brand, you will gain confidence in selling your brand in situations with people you do not know.

For instance, if you focus on a specific, tight-knit neighborhood, share a client testimonial on your social platforms that speaks to your knowledge of the area. This will reinforce your brand and build your street cred.

3. Control your narrative and be accountable.

Keep control of your own story. Be aware of what you publish in the public domain and do not put out anything that you are/will be embarrassed about, ashamed of, or not sure of. Tell only what you want to be retold, tweeted, posted, or reminded of far into the future.

It is important to realize that mistakes will happen, but to never blame others, even if others contributed to a misunderstanding or a missed commitment. Admit your failures, your shortcomings, and your missteps; learn from them, own up to them, and do better next time. Every time.

4. Take initiative and become the expert.

You can ask for help or you can ask others if they can use your help. Asking to take on that extra project, leading the team, or filling in for a team member on vacation can plant the idea with the boss that you’re someone who is willing to pitch in and take on more responsibility. Those are qualities that potential employers or connections look for and you will allow your personal brand to be respected and appreciated in a new light.

A huge part of branding yourself is becoming an expert about something. Educate yourself so well on your subject matter that you can offer solid, accurate advice to others.

5. Revisit your brand plan often.

It’s easy to begin feeling “too comfortable” in our own brand. Every six months or so, evaluate your progress and determine where you are in your timeline.

After examination, you may realize that you have grown out of your original brand plan and it needs to be expanded or tweaked. Giving your brand a thorough judgment will allow you to become more confident in your decisions while remaining true to yourself throughout your brand’s life.

For more advice on building your brand and your business, visit our Agent Resources page or contact a mortgage professional in your area to chat.