Meet the Brian Kimball Team
Brian Kimball
Team Leader/Sr. Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #237105
Office: 714.619.5609
Mark Martinez
Business Development Specialist
NMLS #338882
Office: 208.660.7096
Mark is a critical piece of our business development efforts in building and maintaining relationships with our realtor and referral partners as well as assisting clients with an introduction to the team for us to help with their mortgage financing needs. Mark is well respected by his peers and partners for his incredibly high degree of integrity and honesty, as well as creativity in ensuring we maximize our partnership with our partners.
LaQuita Johnson
Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator
NMLS #2180192
Office: 866.564.9970

LaQuita is the administrative, marketing, and special projects guru of our team! She ensures our team is properly supported whether it’s through administrative items, implementing new technologies to better serve our customers, managing the phones, or leading marketing efforts to expand our client base… she has it covered! Throughout your process, you’ll likely have the opportunity to chat with her, and you’ll probably even hear her great smile through the phone!

Riley Page
New Client Coordinator
NMLS #2350048
Office: 865.223.5347

Riley is our pre-approval specialist! His job is to assist new customers with beginning and completing their pre-approval, and he acts as a concierge for our clients who are “Pre-Approved and Looking” for that perfect home. He is also a resident expert in setting up refinance files. Riley will work closely with you from the moment you start your application until its “go time” your loan.

Lauren Neumeier
Loan Coordinator
NMLS #1530263
Office: 865.770.4401

Lauren is our “Contract to Close” specialist. She gets your file from Riley and prepares your loan disclosures, provides an updated list of documentation to complete your file, and gets your loan package ready for its next steps. In many cases, Lauren will submit your loan directly to underwriting; in other cases, she may submit it to the processor first. We have custom-tailored this portion of the process to ensure the timing and details of your loan are handled as quickly as possible. Lauren will communicate with you from “go time” until “close time” to ensure you’re well taken care of, communicated with, and have all your questions answered through closing.

Debbie Noble
Loan Processor
NMLS #1461008
Office: 262.696.3846
Debbie is a problem-solver, go-getter, and knows the ins and outs of your file like the back of her hand. Debbie and Brian have worked together since 2016 and make a great team focused on serving you and meeting your needs. Debbie is the quarterback of your loan once you are in contract on your purchase, or in process on your refinance, and she will be your primary point of contact for all document-related questions and needs. Debbie interfaces directly with our underwriters and she will keep your loan on track to close on time and ensure all loan conditions are satisfied. Debbie truly cares about each client and is on your team to get your loan closed on time and efficiently!
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