5 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Starter Home

June 08, 2021

Here are some telltale clues that it’s time to move on from your first house

At one time, it was an amazing place: your first home. The place where you started your adult life, maybe your married life, or your family.

And, in many ways, it’s still a very special place. But you’re beginning to notice that your starter home is no longer meeting your needs or preferences, and things that never used to bother you – like that tiny master bedroom or the lack of bathrooms – are becoming problems.

You might be ready to leave your starter home if any of these signs sound familiar…

You’re running out of space.

You know that awkward shuffle you do when you’re trying to squeeze past your family members in the bathroom? It’s getting less amusing now.

Whether you need more bedrooms, a more spacious kitchen, or even a bigger yard, it might be an ideal time to move to a larger home. If you’ve been working from home more lately, having a dedicated office space might also be a priority.

Your needs have changed.

Maybe you’ve had children since moving into your starter home, and you are now realizing that relocating to a different school district would be best.

Maybe you need more access to amenities now, or you’d prefer to be in a smaller community

Whatever it may be, your current priorities have probably shifted a bit since moving into your starter home. Consider the neighborhood or community that would be an ideal spot for your next home.

The “project” list is dwindling.

Most starter homes require some TLC – in other words, you have probably been doing small renovations and projects throughout your time living there. But, since you’ve known this isn’t your “forever home,” you drew the line when it came to spending money on large renovation projects.

Because you have added value to your home through minor upgrades and renovations, this could be a great time to put your house on the market; in many areas, sellers are likely to get an excellent return on their investments.

It’s hard to host.

Whether you have friends and family coming to stay for the weekend, or would simply like to host a few people for dinner, your starter home might be lacking the space you need. At one time, this might not have bothered you. But now you find yourself dreaming of a guest suite, a large deck, or an outdoor dining area; you could add these to your current home, but it might be easier to relocate to a house that already checks all your boxes.

You feel the need to move on.

Sometimes, we simply outgrow our current environment. Maybe your neighbors have moved away and the community doesn’t feel the same. Perhaps you feel drawn to a nearby town, or you find yourself browsing real estate listings in other areas entirely. You could even just be starting to feel – well, bored – with your current home. Whatever it may be, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that you’re ready for something different.

Is it time to pack up?

If you are ready to move on, it’s important to finding the right financing for your next home. Find a loan originator near you, or discover your potential loan options.