Manufactured Home Loans

mortgage loans for manufactured homes

Waterstone Mortgage’s manufactured home loan program offers conventionalFHA, and VA financing for both single- and double-wide mobile homes.

The quality of manufactured homes has greatly improved in recent years, making them more appealing for those seeking an affordable homeownership option. Manufactured homes provide all the perks of homeownership without the higher expense of a traditional home

program details

Our manufactured home loan program includes:

  • HUD-provided consumer protection against construction issues
  • Financing options for eligible built-in appliances and carpeting projects
  • No down payment with VA loan and as low as 640 FICO
  • 3.5% down payment with FHA loan and as low as 620 FICO
  • 5% down payment with conventional and as low as 620 FICO
  • 10% down payment for second or vacation home as low as 620 FICO (for double-wide homes only)
  • Down payment can come from a gift on primary residence
Did you know?
Many people think “mobile homes” and “manufactured homes” are the same, but they are different. If the home was built prior to 1976, it’s a mobile home. Anything built after that is a manufactured home.

what is the difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home?

While manufactured homes are often referred to as “mobile homes” in common conversation, there is actually one major technical difference.

“Mobile homes” got their name from the way they were built off-site, then transported to their permanent locations. However, this process was not regulated, leaving room for quality and safety concerns.

In the mid-seventies, building standards improved, and the new version of these homes (the ones that were built following the new codes) needed to be set apart from the others. Thus, the “manufactured home “was born.

In short: if it was built prior to 1976, it’s a mobile home. Anything after that is a manufactured home.

With that said, manufactured homes have come a long way in recent years. Although they have defining characteristics such as a smaller square-footage and smaller price tag, these homes may be a great option for someone looking for affordable housing.


All loan requests are subject to credit approval as well as specific loan program requirements and guidelines.