HomeStyle® Renovation loans

what is a HomeStyle® renovation loan?

Picture this: You’ve found your dream home. But… there’s just that one thing you wish could change.

The HomeStyle® Renovation mortgage loan program allows you to take out one mortgage to cover the purchase of your home AND any repairs or renovations you may want to make right away. It’s a win-win!

HomeStyle® loans are also available as a refinance option for those who want to finance repairs or renovations in their current home.

what renovations can i do?

With a HomeStyle® loan, you can do almost any renovation – from the most basic to the most luxurious. Examples include:

  • Replace the bathroom hardware
  • Put in an in-ground pool
  • Update the kitchen cabinets
  • And more!
Did you know?
HomeStyle® renovation loans require as little as 3% down. That means with just a 3% down payment, you can buy a house AND renovate it.

program details

  • Home renovation financing available for purchase or refinance home loans
  • 3% down payment for first-time homebuyers or 5% down payment for repeat homebuyers on single-unit principal residences (including condos)
  • Additional financing options available for 2-4 unit primary residences, single-unit second homes, and single-unit investment properties


All loan requests are subject to credit approval as well as specific loan program requirements and guidelines.