Accessibility Statement

Waterstone Mortgage Corporation aims to provide an inclusive user experience to every one of our site visitors, regardless of the abilities of the person accessing the site.

We’ve designed our site with accessibility in mind and are dedicated to constantly making improvements. This includes incorporating features like ADA-approved color contrasting, video captioning, and alternative text and information for images.

It is our utmost priority to certify that Waterstone Mortgage’s website is easily and conveniently accessible by any of our users regardless of disability.

Reasonable Accommodations

Any individual who may need reasonable accommodations to successfully access Waterstone Mortgage’s website and other services should contact Depending on the nature of the request, Waterstone Mortgage may need notice to best provide accommodation.

Third-Party Links

Waterstone Mortgage’s website incorporates links to webpages that are hosted by third parties. We do not represent the accessibility accommodations regarding the third-party websites.

To provide feedback or request an accommodation, please contact us at 800.354.1149 or