Jasmine Krnjetin is a Woman of Inspiration

December 01, 2021
Our Sales Manager from Atlanta is recognized by National Mortgage Professional magazine as an inspiring female leader in the mortgage industry.

We are thrilled to share that Jasmine Krnjetin (Sales Manager, Atlanta, GA) is among National Mortgage Professional’s Women of Inspiration for 2021. Jasmine is recognized for this achievement in the November 2021 issue. 

The Women of Inspiration award is given to only 32 women, nationwide, who serve as inspirational professionals in the mortgage lending industry. Their achievements go far beyond sales numbers; their true accomplishments are in their relationships with their customers, business partners, and team members. These women are known for their exceptional way of putting other people first and their unsurpassed work ethics. 

When you look at Jasmine’s career and experiences, there’s no doubt that she certainly has led an inspirational life. 

Early Career 

Jasmine’s story is the epitome of the American Dream. She was born in Serbia, grew up in Sweden, and immigrated to the United States, alone, at the age of 16. Jasmine supported herself by cleaning houses for $30 a day in Atlanta before starting her own sales and marketing firm to assist home builders. Within a few years, she became interested in the mortgage industry, and offered to work for free so she could learn the business inside and out. 

Two decades later, Jasmine is still improving her mortgage knowledge, with the goal of helping American homebuyers make smart financial decisions and build wealth through real estate. Her entrepreneurial spirit has served her well, and she brings a unique perspective to the mortgage lending profession.  

Loan Origination Accomplishments 

As one of Waterstone Mortgage’s top producers, Jasmine has consistently achieved unprecedented levels of loan volume, year after year. From January to mid-April 2021, Jasmine surpassed an astounding $40 million in loan volume and 130+ units – earning her a place in the President’s Club – Diamond Level for 2022. 

Jasmine was also one of the first loan originators ever to be inducted into Waterstone Mortgage’s prestigious Blue Diamond Club – which recognizes producers who achieved either $100+ million in volume or 500+ units for the previous calendar year. The Blue Diamond Club is a lifetime membership, and the individuals who achieve this recognition hold the Blue Diamond designation for their entire careers at Waterstone Mortgage. Jasmine reached this achievement for her loan volume in 2020 and already for 2021, even though the year is not finished yet!  

Becoming a Leader, Mentor, and Expert 

During her years with the company, Jasmine has been promoted from Loan Originator to Sales Manager. While origination is still her primary passion, she is now a respected mentor and leader to her team of seven. Because of her accomplishments, she was also invited to be a member of the Waterstone Mortgage Advisory Board sales sub-committee, which provides helpful insight and feedback to the executive team on a variety of topics that directly impact the company’s 335+ originators. 

Jasmine has also had an immense impact on the local people and communities she serves. According to our SVP – Sales, Kevin Allen, Jasmine spends a significant amount of time with her customers, either in person or via video, to explain the entire loan process.

While she’s making an impact on the family she’s working with, she’s also making an impact on their extended family members and friends – changing the direction of many lives. 

As a female leader in a traditionally male-dominant industry, Jasmine has also become an inspiration to the many women she works with. “I have many female clients who prefer to work with a female lender,” Jasmine says. “When they are working with another woman, there’s often a unique connection and level of trust that makes them feel more comfortable and confident.”

Throughout her career, Jasmine has been an advocate of integrating the best technology into her loan process. Her efforts to bring the best mortgage solutions to her clients has made her a leader in this aspect of the industry. 

In 2009, Jasmine integrated her company’s origination platform with a digital pricing engine to automatically quote rates and fees online. At this time, most loan officers were working from daily pricing sheets – an antiquated process that lacked efficiency. That same year, Jasmine originated an outstanding $97 million in loan volume. 

Each year, Jasmine is also a key contributor to Waterstone Mortgage’s annual sales conference; often, she can be found leading top producer panel discussions. She is always willing to share her loan origination knowledge and strategies with other loan originators in the company, and she has become a role model for many of the company’s producers, especially for female originators who are working to build their businesses and reach new goals. 

Jasmine’s natural leadership abilities have served as an inspiration for many Waterstone Mortgage originators, as they work to help as many people as possible achieve the dream of homeownership.  

An Award-Winning Career 

Jasmine’s other recent accomplishments include: 

  • Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators: received 2021, 2020 

  • Scotsman Guide's Top Women Originators: received 2021, 2020 

  • National Mortgage News’ Top Producers: received 2021, 2020, 2019

  • Mortgage Executive Magazine’s Top 1% of Mortgage Originators in America: received 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018

  • Mortgage Professional America’s Elite Women: received 2018 

Currently, Jasmine also co-hosts a podcast called Agent Upgrade, which inspires Realtors who want to build their businesses and foster a fulfilling and engaging career. 

Jasmine enjoys the intellectual challenge of the mortgage lending profession. “I’m always looking for new ways to help my clients make smart financial decisions concerning their mortgages,” she says. “I also enjoy the continually changing landscape of the mortgage industry – from the products to the technology – and I love being part of the industry that’s responsible for driving our nation’s economy.” 

Congratulations on this exceptional award, Jasmine!