Rosanne Elliott is a HousingWire Insider!

September 02, 2021
Our VP of Investor Relations & Product Development was honored with the magazine’s award for her work in mortgage operations.

We’re thrilled for our VP – Investor Relations & Product Development, Rosanne Elliott, who received HousingWire’s Insiders award for 2021!

This award honors elite professionals in the mortgage industry – specifically, those who work on the Operations side of things, and who are essential to the success of the loan process.

Think of it this way… if we were a news crew, our loan originators would be the reporters – on the scene, in front of the camera, and sharing important information and updates. Our Operations team members would be the producers – working behind the scenes to make sure the story was delivered accurately and in a timely manner.

And that’s exactly how Rosanne contributes to our streamlined and efficient loan process. While she has a role that many would describe as “behind the scenes,” her leadership, knowledge, and dedication to finding solutions have all contributed to our mission of helping as many people as possible achieve their homeownership goals. 

Rosanne joined Waterstone Mortgage in 2015, working as a senior underwriter for jumbo and portfolio loans. She was then promoted to Regional Underwriting Manager, overseeing the Midwestern region, before accepting her current role as VP – Investor Relations & Product Development in March 2021. She has an extensive background in products and loan program guidelines.

As the VP – Investor Relations, Rosanne works alongside Waterstone Mortgage’s investors to create stronger support for the company’s products and guidelines. She advocates for more efficient and robust products that serve as many homebuyers as possible.

Rosanne has 25+ years of experience in mortgage lending, which means she’s definitely a pro at what she does. She has extensive underwriting knowledge; the ability to build strong, cohesive teams; and a dedication to her work, her team members, Waterstone Mortgage’s investors, and her customers that is second to none. Rosanne’s strongest skill? Her ability to find effective solutions, no matter which department or investor she is working with.

When presented with a challenge, Rosanne doesn’t falter. “Rosanne listens to the issue, thinks through the solution, and communicates an effective plan of action for her team,” says Waterstone Mortgage COO Rich Tucker. “She drives inspiration by showing individuals that they can. She stands with her team each day to ensure unity and delivers the message of ‘one team, one vision.’”

Rosanne also upholds Waterstone Mortgage’s mission of a transparent, efficient loan process. “As a leader, she knows that keeping honest and open communication is key to the success of driving efficiencies,” adds Rich.

What else makes Rosanne worthy of HousingWire’s Insiders award? Well, just take a gander at what her colleagues have to say…

“In March [2021], Rosanne was offered and accepted a new challenge, VP – Investor Relations. She has quickly brought her experience and her own style to this officer-level position. Representing Waterstone to our many investor partners requires the ability to build and maintain trust, and Rosanne is accomplishing this in a market that is rapidly changing and while the economy is coming out of COVID-19. Her team building skills are proving invaluable in this role, bringing corporate staff and our sales field together.”
-Bob Selingo, Waterstone Mortgage SVP – Secondary Marketing

“Rosanne’s many years of experience in the industry brings expertise on a wide range of products and programs. She is a team player who cares about the growth of those around her. This combination makes her a patient and effective trainer. Her product knowledge is a great asset in finding alternative solutions when needed – to help borrowers achieve their dream of homeownership.”
-Charissa Martin, Waterstone Mortgage VP – Operational Development

“Rosanne always looks for a way to ‘YES.’  She is constantly concentrating on how to get loans to the closing table while remaining within all Jumbo and Agency guidelines. Her main goal is to get people into houses and that drives her like none other! That drive she has from trying to find solutions is infectious!!  She’s patient, knowledgeable, and 100% a cheerleader for her staff and her co-workers.
-Jennifer George, Waterstone Mortgage Regional Underwriting Manager-West  

“Rosanne is incredibly dedicated to this company and the people she works with and for. She is driven to make certain that things are done correctly and in a timely manner; ensure that our borrowers and business partners are being taken care of; and make sure that Waterstone is protected. At the same time, she works for and takes care of her team.  She is a strong support for everyone and an excellent example of how to do this job with character and integrity.”
-Carrie Rist, Waterstone Mortgage Regional Underwriting Manager

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