Welcoming our Greenwood, South Carolina branch

July 12, 2022

Producing Sales Manager Nicole Munnerlyn leads our new Greenwood-based office, which will also serve homebuyers in Greenville, McCormick, Anderson, and the surrounding areas. 

It’s an exciting time in Greenwood, South Carolina! We’ve opened a new office there, led by Producing Sales Manager Nicole Munnerlyn.

We chatted with Nicole to find out what makes her team unique – and how she came to be at Waterstone Mortgage. Check it out!

nmunnerlynWMC: When it comes to serving your customers and business partners, which areas do you primarily cover?

Nicole: Greenwood is where I live, and my Loan Partner Nicole Robinson lives in Greenville; we also cover McCormick, Anderson, and all the surrounding upstate areas. Nicole and I are both very involved in our communities. We split our time between Greenwood and Greenville, and visit our referral sources in the surrounding areas frequently. We love to be out and about, and we live in amazing areas where we can do that! 

WMC: What attracted you to Waterstone Mortgage? 

Nicole: I was listening to a podcast called The Loan Officer Podcast with Dustin Owen. I listened to all the past episodes and the weekly episodes, and used that as a way to help me learn more about the industry.

One day, I reached out to Dustin Owen via LinkedIn to see if he could help me determine what type of coach would benefit me – as I was ready to take my team to the next level.  We spoke, and I left with two coach options.

A few weeks passed, and I thought, “I wonder if Waterstone is hiring?” I wanted a team, a company, and mentors like the ones I heard Dustin reference in the podcast. So here I am! I joined Waterstone in April 2022. I can already tell this was a great move! 

WMC: What sets your team apart from other loan professionals? 

Nicole: We want our clients to have a “boutique” experience when working with us. We work outside of traditional hours to give our customers the support they need – and we focus on developing an authentic connection with each one.

We find that when people are comfortable with you and they trust you, they enjoy the mortgage part of the homebuying process much more. That’s why our first call with clients is a “tell me your story” conversation – so we get to know their unique needs and goals. By the time we close with our clients, we know them on a personal level; and our relationship doesn’t end at the closing table.

Our new office is located at 206 ½ Main Street in Greenwood. Nicole’s team currently consists of Loan Partner Nicole Robinson and Processor Lindsey Esarey. They plan to add one or two additional loan originators in the next year. Are you interested in joining their Greenwood-based team, or one of our many other branches around the nation? Check out the current openings on our Careers page.