Waterstone Mortgage Corporation Partners with Capuchin Community Services

December 20, 2018
Our holiday hygiene drive benefitted Capuchin Community Services, an organization near and dear to one of our employees' hearts.

Each holiday season, our Employee Engagement team organizes some sort of charitable drive to get the entire corporate office involved in giving back. This year, we held a hygiene drive for Capuchin Community Services (CCS), a local, Milwaukee-based organization. Capuchin Community Services provides support for the poor, hungry, and homeless by providing food, clothing, hygiene items, and general support. They have two locations: House of Peace and St. Ben’s Community Meal.

In total, we collected more than 200 bags of hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, deodorant, facial tissues, toilet paper, and more. We also proudly donated $500 to the organization.

We were made aware of Capuchin Community Services by our Vice President – Loan Delivery and Quality Control, Indar Ramadhar. His wife, Myrtle, has been volunteering at one of Capuchin’s locations for just over a year now. She shared her experience with us:

“Until I started volunteering at CCS St. Ben’s in October 2017, I did not realize that there were so many people lacking the very basic necessities in the Milwaukee area. I also did not realize that CCS provided more than a meal, six days a week. Each site distributes hygiene items, too. The St. Ben’s Community Meal site also provides assistance with bus tickets to medical appointments, traveler’s aid assistance, co-pays for necessary prescriptions, haircuts, a shower program, eye glasses, birth certificates, IDs, and GED tuition assistance. The House of Peace provides clothing, food pantry items and direct help to guests needing support with family issues.

I go once, every other week (sometimes twice a week) to help serve a meal to the poor, homeless people battling drug addiction and mental illness and families down on their luck. When I first started, I thought I would enjoy serving in the meal line most, but I actually like working on the floor, where I am able to interact more with the guests, as they are called. I have met some really wonderful people and have seen firsthand how the services provided by the Capuchin Community Services helps people like Lee Earle, who two and half years ago was living under a bridge in the north side of Milwaukee. He told me that God found him under that bridge and brought him to St. Ben’s where he received food, clothing, medical assistance, but more importantly, he met people who treated him with respect and dignity and were not afraid to look him in the eye when they spoke to him. With the help of the program, Lee Earle now lives in an apartment and volunteers at the Hunger Task Force.

It is an honor for me to volunteer at CCS and I am grateful to my husband Indar, who willingly eat leftovers so I can spend my evenings at St. Ben’s.”

We couldn’t be happier to support such an amazing organization – especially one that is near and dear to members of our Waterstone Mortgage family. We’re grateful to the Ramadhar family for introducing us to Capuchin Community Services. To learn more, visit the Capuchin Community Services website.