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Waterstone Mortgage Corporation License Information

For more information regarding license information, please call us at 800-354-1149.
Waterstone Mortgage is licensed or exempt from licensing in the following state(s). If a state is not listed, Waterstone Mortgage does not do business in that state at this time. 

ARIZONA Arizona Mortgage Banker License #: 0921943
ARKANSAS Arkansas Combination Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer License #105582
CALIFORNIA Licensed by the Department of Business Oversight under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act. License #4131185
COLORADO State of Colorado Licensee Exempt/Colorado Mortgage Company Registrant
DELAWARE State of Delaware Licensee Exempt
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Mortgage Dual Authority License # MLB186434
FLORIDA State of Florida Licensee Exempt
GEORGIA State of Georgia Licensee Exempt
IDAHO State of Idaho Licensee Exempt
Illinois Commissioner Of Banks and Real Estate : 
122 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1900
Chicago, Illinois 60603 
Phone: 312-793-3000
Illinois Residential Mortgage License # MB.6760383
INDIANA State of Indiana Licensee Exempt (Lender only)
DFI First Lien Mortgage Lending License # 17989
IOWA Exempt Company Registration #2009-0102
KENTUCKY State of Kentucky Licensee Exempt
MARYLAND Mortgage Lender License 19454
MAINE Maine Supervised Lender Licensee #186434
MASSACHUSETTS Massachusetts Mortgage Lender License #MC186434
MINNESOTA Minnesota Residential Mortgage Servicer Exemption Certificate #MN-SX-186434
NEVADA Nevada Exempt Company Registration #3168
NEW JERSEY Residential Mortgage Lender License
NEW HAMPSHIRE Licensed by the New Hampshire banking department. New Hampshire Mortgage Banker Licensee #18884-MB.
NORTH DAKOTA North Dakota Money Broker Licensee #MB102604
NORTH CAROLINA State of North Carolina Licensee Exempt
OHIO State of Ohio Licensee Exempt
OKLAHOMA State of Oklahoma Licensee Exempt
OREGON State of Oregon Licensee Exempt
PENNSYLVANIA Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Licensee Exempt
SOUTH CAROLINA State of South Carolina Licensee Exempt
TENNESSEE State of Tennessee Licensee Exempt
TEXAS State of Texas Licensee Exempt
UTAH State of Utah Licensee Exempt
VIRGINIA State of Virginia Licensee Exempt
WASHINGTON Washington Consumer Loan Company Licensee #CL-186434
WISCONSIN State of Wisconsin Licensee Exempt
WYOMING State of Wyoming Licensee Exempt

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